Roof Repairs/Roof Replacement

Roof repairs in O'Fallon

From emergency roof repairs to complete roof replacement, Eagle Exteriors is able to handle most roofing work, whether it's a commercial project or a homeowner request. Our team of experienced roofers knows how to do flat roof work, find leaks quickly, and build from scratch, depending on what you need. We also work with fascia, gutters, and other roof-related materials. Roofing is one of our specialty areas, so you can feel good about the amount of experience we bring to the table on the job site. Contact us today to get started on your roof.
Carpenter uses nail gun to attach asphalt shingles to roof

Roof repair work

If you have a leak, you'll need an experienced roofer to troubleshoot it for you. We can track down trouble spots and repair them before they cause serious damage. We're also able to address shingle replacement and hail damage issues. Get quality repairs at a reasonable cost.

Roof replacement

Whether you need a complete tear off and roof replacement or you are looking for a team that will put a roof on your garage, we are able to assist you. We have plenty of shingle styles to choose from, and our contractors are experienced and friendly.

Speedy and safe

Eagle Exteriors works quickly, but we also have a high safety standard. We don't compromise a safe job site to get the work done fast, but we have the experience to move things along at a good pace. You can feel good about the job site when we're at the helm.
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