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Eagle Exteriors can handle nearly any residential roofing project you may have. We do repairs and new roof work all the time, and all of our contractors are highly experienced. We know how to do complete re-roofing projects, but we can also troubleshoot leaks and handle minor issues. Our residential work consists primarily of dealing with metal and shingle roofs. Contact us to learn more about the materials you can use, or to get an estimate for service.
Residential roofing contractors completed roofing on this home in O Fallon, MO

Shingle roofing

Shingle roofs are the most popular choice for homeowners when it comes to roof materials. There are a number of different shingle choices, including fiberglass, wood, and ceramic shingles. There are also traditional and architectural options in style for fiberglass shingles. We'll be happy to walk you through the choices.

Metal roofs

Although not as common, metal roofing materials offer some advantages over traditional shingles. Metal is lightweight, durable, and resistant to fire and wind. If you're interested in this option, let us know and we'll talk to you about the pros and cons of this material.

Other services

Whether you need a metal or shingle roof, we can take care of everything from the water and ice shield to the flashing. If you just need a patch job, or one section of the roof addressed, we can do that as well. Call us and we'll send someone out to give you an estimate.
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